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5-Hour Energy is not an energy drink, but rather a small, portable 58ml energy shot. It provides the bright, alert feeling you need to get through your day without making you feel wired up. It’s ideal for busy, hard working people because it takes only a second or two to drink and gets right to work, leaving your hands free to get back to your day.

Advantages of 5-Hour Energy

  • Zero sugar
  • 4 calories
  • Feel it in minutes – lasts for hours
  • Small and portable – carry anywhere – drink any time
  • Packed with B-vitamins and amino acids
  • No herbal stimulants
  • Non-carbonated – not filling

The original energy shot

Introduced to America in 2004, 5-Hour Energy is the original 58ml energy shot. Despite hundreds of imitators, it is still number one in the States – by a wide margin. Why? Because it works. 5-Hour Energy provides a proven blend of B-vitamins and amino acids to keep you going strong – with zero sugar, zero herbal stimulants, and four calories.

5 Hour Energy